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Our Vision

The developers envision Hopewell Conservation Estate as a retreat for professionals, business achievers and community leaders who wish to reside in the peaceful and tranquil surroundings of nature. 

The land com­pris­ing Hopewell Con­ser­va­tion Es­tate and Re­serve have been in fam­ily own­er­ship for some 70 years. Loc­ated 15 minutes from New­ton Park busi­ness dis­trict, Hopewell Con­ser­va­tion Es­tate of­fers the com­forts of 21st cen­tury liv­ing in a mil­len­nia-old land­scape. Res­id­en­tial units will be set within an ex­pans­ive 3 000 hec­tare urban nature re­serve, shared by res­id­ents, an­im­als, birds and plants in unique sus­tain­able re­la­tion­ships.

The prop­erty is loc­ated in a valu­able eco­lo­gical re­gion (the Cape Floral King­dom) and ex­hib­its ex­cep­tional biod­iversity in­clud­ing wet­lands, Algoa grassy fyn­bos, sub­trop­ical thicket in the val­leys, and ren­oster bontveld, mak­ing it ideal for sup­port­ing in­di­gen­ous wild­life. Pic­ture pin­cush­ion pro­teas, spek­boom, wild olive, cape ash, wild rose­mary, and plum­bago all flour­ish­ing in 3 000 hec­tares of your own back yard.

In­stead of con­vert­ing the valu­able land into urban sprawl, the de­velopers have elec­ted to re­store and pre­serve the nat­ural beauty of this en­vir­on­ment­ally sig­ni­fic­ant link between the Bavi­aansk­loof World Her­it­age re­serve and the city of Port Eliza­beth.


The en­tire prop­erty is owned by Hopewell Con­ser­va­tion (Pty) Lim­ited, a South African com­pany with re­gis­tra­tion No. 2008/022884/07 (“Hopewell” or the “Com­pany”).

It is not sub­ject to any land claims.

A 21% share­hold­ing in the pro­ject is owned by a broad-based BEE con­sor­tium com­pris­ing Ziyakhula In­vest­ment (Pty) Lim­ited and the Don­dolo Prop­erty Trust.

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Enjoy under the African sky! Hopewell has something for everybody!

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Have a sneak peek into the tranquillity of what is the Hopewell way of life.

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Great activities you can enjoy, while the stunning beauty that is Hopewell is set as your backdrop.

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