Mantiss Two


Hopewell Conservation Estate enjoys a long-standing relationship with Mantis. The journey began with Mantis as a consulting partner. In 2016, Mantis formally partnered with Hopewell to represent our hospitality division.

Mantis is a family-run collection of award-winning, privately-owned, five-star properties located around the world. Divided into five distinct groups, its specialist areas include boutique hotels, game reserves, eco lodges, ski lodges, and chalets and yachts. All of the properties celebrate the culture, gastronomy, architecture and nature of the locations in which they are found, to offer guests a truly authentic experience.

Officially founded by Adrian Gardiner in 2000, Mantis is committed to the spirit of conservation and restoration, each property is sensitive to its surroundings in respect of the building, environment, and local community.

For more information on The Mantis Owners Collection click here. 

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