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Interior and Exterior


House 4

North and east verandas provide a controlled interface with valley and forest views. Deeply shaded windows and screening devices protect the internal environment. The house is carefully landscaped to meet ground levels. 

At times, rooms open directly out into the natural landscape, at others it is set back making a cool protected intermediate space that can be naturally landscaped. Robust materials are carried through the interiors, further blending outdoor and indoor living. 

House 8

Natural materials dominate the internal experience of the house. Rough stone cladding in selected panels also line the cut faces of earth banks. These rough natural stone finishes are offset by refined polished stone surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchens. 

Careful orientation allows for naturally lit interiors. Timber screens integrated into window systems shade the interiors. The lounge projection is designed to receive more sunlight during winter afternoons. The primary outdoor living is a projection of internal private spaces overlooking the natural landscape.

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