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accompanied by qualified guides

Guided activities

Residents and stay-over guests at Hopewell have the opportunity to embark on guided walking tours, accompanied by qualified guides. 

Learn more about Hopewell’s unique fauna and flora and its vast birdlife, as your guide focuses on the specifics of nature, including animal tracks and signs. 

With such diverse habitats and Biomes in such close proximity, various species can be seen on foot. 

Birding is spectacular in the valleys early morning during traditional dawn chorus times as these forest species advertise their territories and thus themselves. 

On the open areas, different flight displays and patterns are given to maximise the potential in establishing territories and then a new mate. 

From the majestic eland to the diminutive duiker, the Reserve holds sanctuary to various antelope and mammal species.

Guided walks are on average 3 to 4 hours yet this will be finalised with your Booking, as weather and specific interests will be catered for which will then be used in creating a guided walk with your interests in mind. 

Use the contact form, to make enquiries about Hopewell’s guided walks.

Guided game drives will be offered from 2017.

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